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Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou CHAPTER LIST
  • Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou

    Alternative : President said I'm just a piggy ; The President said that I’m a fat pig teammate ; 总裁说我是猪队友

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-15-2024 22:07:40 PM
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Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou summary:

As an office worker, Ji Bai Ping’s biggest worry is how to get work done more efficiently during work hours and not having any overtime stay. But I didn’t expect him to be so ordinary. One day, it’ll be a miracle to see world peace being maintained. The most important thing is that he isn’t the main problem, but the piggy that’s being dragged off on his legs?! This is simply unrealistic!
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