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You Are My Desire CHAPTER LIST
  • You Are My Desire

    Alternative : 白日梦我 ; bái rì mèng wǒ

  • Author(s) : 栖見 (Qi Jian)
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-16-2024 14:07:12 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, School life, Shoujo
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You Are My Desire summary:

The battle for the scholarship raged like wildfire. At the entrance of the school director’s office, Lin Yujing and Shen Wan came face to face.After exhausting their tears, the two people stared at each other blankly for three seconds before turning around in unison and leaving.Shen Wan got onto his private helicopter while Lin Yujing climbed into her Rolls-Royce.–This is a story of two rich people trying their best to look poor in front of the other.
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Chapter 54115,951Yesterday
Chapter 53223,092Yesterday
Chapter 52271,227Yesterday
Chapter 51359,697Yesterday
Chapter 50659,583Yesterday
Chapter 49642,793Yesterday
Chapter 48775,240Yesterday
Chapter 47522,675Yesterday
Chapter 46297,622Yesterday
Chapter 45994,491Yesterday
Chapter 44529,217Yesterday
Chapter 43113,190Yesterday
Chapter 42609,694Yesterday
Chapter 4197,260Yesterday
Chapter 40706,822Yesterday
Chapter 39852,356Yesterday
Chapter 38632,493Yesterday
Chapter 37601,486Yesterday
Chapter 36996,927Yesterday
Chapter 35131,427Yesterday
Chapter 34111,615Yesterday
Chapter 33343,397Yesterday
Chapter 3259,704Yesterday
Chapter 31269,484Yesterday
Chapter 30210,202Yesterday
Chapter 29530,783Yesterday
Chapter 28780,970Yesterday
Chapter 27152,179Yesterday
Chapter 26382,333Yesterday
Chapter 25757,333Yesterday
Chapter 24724,537Yesterday
Chapter 23315,866Yesterday
Chapter 22323,528Yesterday
Chapter 21555,630Yesterday
Chapter 20759,992Yesterday
Chapter 19348,876Yesterday
Chapter 18748,248Yesterday
Chapter 1710,441Yesterday
Chapter 16329,814Yesterday
Chapter 15438,997Yesterday
Chapter 14675,884Yesterday
Chapter 13612,792Yesterday
Chapter 12201,358Yesterday
Chapter 1127,942Yesterday
Chapter 10686,308Yesterday
Chapter 9617,144Yesterday
Chapter 8290,075Yesterday
Chapter 7332,909Yesterday
Chapter 6151,923Yesterday
Chapter 5505,853Yesterday
Chapter 4982,624Yesterday
Chapter 3129,834Yesterday
Chapter 2625,971Yesterday
Chapter 1542,270Yesterday
Chapter 0: Coming Soon254,608Yesterday

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