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Will The Roasted Beans Sprout? CHAPTER LIST
  • Will The Roasted Beans Sprout?

    Alternative : 볶은 콩에 싹이 날까?

  • Author(s) : Hogol
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-20-2024 02:07:27 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Romance
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Will The Roasted Beans Sprout? summary:

Jihyuk (Beta) meets Yoojoon (Alpha) again, the person that helped his brother in the past. Seeing Yoojoon suffer during his rut, in order to pay off his debt, Jihyuk spends the night with him. However, the fate that he thought would end in a day continues unwantedly, and Eunseong (Omega), who observes Jihyuk with mysterious eyes, becomes intertwined with the two… Yoojoon and Jihyuk, Eunseong and Jihyuk and even Yoojoon and Eunseong, will the knot of these terrifyingly entangled relationships ever be solved?
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Chapter 78709,185Yesterday
Chapter 77191,724Yesterday
Chapter 76188,502Yesterday
Chapter 75353,160Yesterday
Chapter 74529,208Yesterday
Chapter 73522,697Yesterday
Chapter 72594,944Yesterday
Chapter 7150,329Yesterday
Chapter 70643,321Yesterday
Chapter 69351,532Yesterday
Chapter 68240,748Yesterday
Chapter 67617,557Yesterday
Chapter 66197,946Yesterday
Chapter 65604,823Yesterday
Chapter 64216,699Yesterday
Chapter 63102,316Yesterday
Chapter 62302,098Yesterday
Chapter 61398,563Yesterday
Season 2 Chapter 60520,706Yesterday
Chapter 59873,832Yesterday
Chapter 58976,175Yesterday
Chapter 57498,092Yesterday
Chapter 56954,360Yesterday
Chapter 55804,505Yesterday
Chapter 54520,945Yesterday
Chapter 53609,438Yesterday
Chapter 52538,175Yesterday
Chapter 51699,855Yesterday
Chapter 50218,499Yesterday
Chapter 49386,800Yesterday
Chapter 4884,224Yesterday
Chapter 47879,447Yesterday
Chapter 46815,216Yesterday
Chapter 45520,426Yesterday
Chapter 44963,835Yesterday
Chapter 43779,426Yesterday
Chapter 42603,713Yesterday
Chapter 4171,288Yesterday
Chapter 40292,630Yesterday
Chapter 39632,090Yesterday
Chapter 38605,298Yesterday
Chapter 37903,437Yesterday
Chapter 36663,298Yesterday
Chapter 3589,779Yesterday
Chapter 3486,387Yesterday
Chapter 3329,825Yesterday
Chapter 3299,606Yesterday
Chapter 31184,584Yesterday
Season 1 Chapter 30381,612Yesterday
Chapter 29613,039Yesterday
Chapter 28328,736Yesterday
Chapter 27915,085Yesterday
Chapter 26277,313Yesterday
Chapter 25897,285Yesterday
Chapter 24427,052Yesterday
Chapter 23731,303Yesterday
Chapter 22925,460Yesterday
Chapter 21979,778Yesterday
Chapter 20146,245Yesterday
Chapter 19341,759Yesterday
Chapter 18744,011Yesterday
Chapter 17541,768Yesterday
Chapter 16413,747Yesterday
Chapter 15901,497Yesterday
Chapter 14570,267Yesterday
Chapter 13485,111Yesterday
Chapter 12192,935Yesterday
Chapter 11828,942Yesterday
Chapter 10545,145Yesterday
Chapter 9830,197Yesterday
Chapter 8248,640Yesterday
Chapter 7990,188Yesterday
Chapter 6545,414Yesterday
Chapter 5623,519Yesterday
Chapter 4697,297Yesterday
Chapter 3130,472Yesterday
Chapter 2889,572Yesterday
Chapter 1594,323Yesterday

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