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The Lady Who Summons Monsters. CHAPTER LIST
  • The Lady Who Summons Monsters.

    Alternative : 괴물을 부르는 공녀님 ; Goemureul bureuneun gongnyeonim ; The Princess Who Summons Monsters ; Princess Summoning the Monster

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-27-2024 23:03:01 PM
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The Lady Who Summons Monsters. summary:

Armonia, an abandoned child, was considered bad luck due to her ability to talk to monsters. Despite growing up alongside monsters and having limited knowledge of the human world, she ventures into the human realm to protect the Walter Forest, her cherished homeland. There, she encounters Hyde, the commander of the Subjugation Troope, whom she must persuade to stop the Subjugation."Do you not wish to kill monsters?""Why is there so much troll snot?"Their first meeting goes awry from the start. As the story unfolds, a chaotic fantasy romance develops between the female protagonist, who considers monsters as her family, and the male protagonist, who suffers from monster phobia.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 9989,925March 2024
Chapter 894,133March 2024
Chapter 7311,896March 2024
Chapter 6427,595March 2024
Chapter 5478,824March 2024
Chapter 499,592March 2024
Chapter 3368,553March 2024
Chapter 2929,457March 2024
Chapter 1820,558March 2024

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