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  • Saijo No Osewa

    Alternative : Saijo no Osewa Takane no Hana-darakena Meimon-kou de, Gakuin Ichi no Ojou-sama (Seikatsu Nouryoku Kaimu) wo Kagenagara Osewa suru Koto ni Narimashita ; 才女のお世話 高嶺の花だらけな名門校で、学院一のお嬢様(生活能力皆無)を陰ながらお世話することになりました

  • Author(s) : Sakaishi Yusaku, Mizushima Sorahiko
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-10-2024 05:07:06 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, School life, Shounen
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Saijo No Osewa summary:

A poor high school boy, Izuki Tomonari, got caught up in a kidnapping attempt on Hinako Konohana, a young lady from one of Japan's largest conglomerates. On the surface, Hinako appears to be a brilliant and beautiful young woman, but in reality, she is a lazy girl with no life skills. However, due to family reasons, Hinako has to play the role of the "perfect young lady" at school. Wanting to protect her, Izuki took on the job of caring for her. Eventually, Hinako began to spoil Izuki with all her might. "I don't want... Izuki to leave my side right now." This is a love story that begins beyond the master-servant relationship featuring a princess with a beautiful facade.
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Chapter 18284,1131 weeks ago
Chapter 17475,5761 weeks ago
Chapter 16148,1891 weeks ago
Chapter 15382,1151 weeks ago
Chapter 1457,9641 weeks ago
Chapter 13866,6271 weeks ago
Chapter 12192,6121 weeks ago
Chapter 11838,7191 weeks ago
Chapter 10480,1891 weeks ago
Chapter 9143,0181 weeks ago
Chapter 8842,3751 weeks ago
Chapter 7786,7611 weeks ago
Chapter 6.2657,3411 weeks ago
Chapter 6.1573,3761 weeks ago
Chapter 5354,9431 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4809,8601 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3348,4151 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2.252,7041 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2.1630,1561 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1329,4251 weeks ago

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