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Mezametara Saikyou Soubi To Uchuusen-Mochi Datta No De, Ikkodate Mezashite Youhei Toshite Jiyuu Ni Ikitai CHAPTER LIST
  • Mezametara Saikyou Soubi To Uchuusen-Mochi Datta No De, Ikkodate Mezashite Youhei Toshite Jiyuu Ni Ikitai

    Alternative : When I Woke Up, I Got the Strongest Equipment and a Starship, so I Went and Became a Mercenary in Order to Live as I Please while Aiming for a Detached House ; Я очнулся, будучи пилотом сильнейшего космического корабля, а потому решил стать межгалактическим наёмником ; 目覚めたら最強装備と宇宙船持ちだったので、一戸建て目指して傭兵として自由に生きたい ; Mezametara Saikyou Soubi to Uchuusenmochi Datta node, Ikkodate Mezashite Youhei toshite Jiyuu ni Ikitai ; Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!

  • Author(s) : Ryuto, Shunichi Matsui
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-04-2024 19:07:18 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Action, Comedy, Harem, Isekai, Mecha, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
  • TransGroup :

Mezametara Saikyou Soubi To Uchuusen-Mochi Datta No De, Ikkodate Mezashite Youhei Toshite Jiyuu Ni Ikitai summary:

(From NovelUpdates)When I woke up, I found myself inside a spaceship.I guess you guys think I’m talking nonsense here, but I also have absolutely no clue about what exactly happened to me.I was really close to completely losing it, but fortunately, I managed to notice that this place was really similar to the world featured in a game I was playing recently.Am I dreaming? Nope, it’s no dream. Maybe I actually got sent to a different world or something?But didn’t those things usually involve getting sent to a magical world with elves, dwarves, dragons and whatnot?In any case, I don’t know what caused this, but I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and live properly in this world from now on.It’ll be okay. I got my trusty spaceship so I can probably make some money. It’ll work out! It has to!This is the story of a man abruptly thrown into space along with his private spaceship. He runs around with it and saves damsels in distress along the way, flirts with said damsels, earns money as a merc-for-hire and uses his gaming knowledge to work his way into living freely and easily.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 42.1228,7113 weeks ago
Vol.9 Chapter 41.2639,1523 weeks ago
Vol.9 Chapter 41.1940,4503 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 40.2492,0633 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 40.1582,8973 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 39.2599,6503 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 39.193,6933 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 38.2333,6883 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 38.1316,8663 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 37.2373,3853 weeks ago
Vol.8 Chapter 37.1757,8623 weeks ago
Chapter 37-1339,2943 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 36.2486,2313 weeks ago
Vol.7 Chapter 36.1261,6123 weeks ago
Chapter 35.2291,7993 weeks ago
Chapter 35.1619,2733 weeks ago
Chapter 34.2494,1403 weeks ago
Chapter 34.1819,9313 weeks ago
Chapter 33.2113,8583 weeks ago
Chapter 33.1190,5143 weeks ago
Chapter 32.2260,9993 weeks ago
Chapter 32.1473,9573 weeks ago
Chapter 31.2659,4173 weeks ago
Chapter 31.1111,1383 weeks ago
Chapter 29.2: (Part Two)795,8143 weeks ago
Chapter 29.1: (Part One)936,3503 weeks ago
Chapter 28.1: (Part One)137,1053 weeks ago
Chapter 27.1: (Part One)439,5833 weeks ago
Chapter 24.2: (Part Two)770,9333 weeks ago
Chapter 24.1: (Part One)715,0673 weeks ago
Chapter 23.2: (Part Two)182,5573 weeks ago
Chapter 23.1: (Part One)81,0743 weeks ago
Chapter 22.2: (Part Two)694,8303 weeks ago
Chapter 22.1: (Part One)680,9873 weeks ago
Chapter 21.2: (Part Two)903,7243 weeks ago
Chapter 21.1: (Part One)118,2503 weeks ago
Chapter 20.2: (Part 2)428,8743 weeks ago
Chapter 20.1: (Part One)333,2633 weeks ago
Chapter 19.2: (Part 2)243,2543 weeks ago
Chapter 19.1: (Part 1)375,1643 weeks ago
Chapter 18.2: (Part 2)278,0843 weeks ago
Chapter 18.1: (Part 1)709,3773 weeks ago
Chapter 17.2: (Part 2)453,9813 weeks ago
Chapter 17.1597,9913 weeks ago
Chapter 17: (Part 1)200,0183 weeks ago
Chapter 16.2: (Part Two)290,9043 weeks ago
Chapter 16.1: (Part One)154,0993 weeks ago
Chapter 15509,0143 weeks ago
Chapter 14898,1703 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 13.284,4113 weeks ago
Chapter 12.2262,1593 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 11.2194,3443 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 10.2424,9473 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 9.2538,8583 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 9: (Part One)572,5953 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8.2927,8333 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8: (Part One)344,1593 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 7.2643,8433 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 7: (Part One)148,1153 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 6.253,0783 weeks ago
Chapter 6.1: (Part Two)585,2723 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 6: (Part One)743,9043 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5.2558,6473 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5: (Part One)394,1033 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4.2598,6913 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4: (Part One)531,9703 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3.2347,7013 weeks ago
Chapter 3: (Part 1)9,3683 weeks ago
Chapter 2406,9833 weeks ago

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