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How To Capture Love CHAPTER LIST

How To Capture Love summary:

"Whenever I fall in love, the camera always shows me the person I'm in love with."The head of the photography club, Sasaki Tsugumi, is rumored to never smile no matter what. Freshman Kawashima Mamoru is asked to capture her smile for her graduation album. He looks through his viewfinder and sees "another Tsugumi" smiling next to her. With camera in hand, where his beloved resides, a boy's unrequited love begins...
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Chapter 15 [End]838,441last month
Vol.2 Chapter 14341,759last month
Vol.2 Chapter 1362,187last month
Vol.2 Chapter 12109,492last month
Vol.2 Chapter 11686,747last month
Vol.2 Chapter 10485,539last month
Chapter 9775,775last month
Vol.2 Chapter 8801,602last month
Vol.1 Chapter 7577,838last month
Vol.1 Chapter 6505,646last month
Vol.1 Chapter 5946,622last month
Chapter 4710,233last month
Chapter 3394,057last month
Chapter 2937,811last month
Chapter 1577,865last month

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