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Haiiro No Onmyouji CHAPTER LIST
  • Haiiro No Onmyouji

    Alternative : 灰色の陰陽師

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-18-2024 20:07:16 PM
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Haiiro No Onmyouji summary:

Sabatora, a boy whose parents were killed by Kuremyō, works as an Onmyoji for the Public Security Bureau to get revenge. His only comfort is Kyue, a Kuremyou who lives with him. Kyue, who has lived with Sabatora since he was a small child, is a kind and gentle soul who is like an irreplaceable member of Sabatora's family. One day, however, Kyue is attacked by Seto, a colleague from the Public Security Bureau who hates Kuremyei. In a pinch, Sabatora and Kyue undergo an unexpected transformation.(

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