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  • Clinic Of Horrors

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  • Last updated : Jul-20-2024 06:07:55 AM
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Clinic Of Horrors summary:

In a strange city, there is a clinic that will treat the victims of horrific, strange, and mysterious diseases. For a price.
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Chapter 134607,414Yesterday
Chapter 133905,188Yesterday
Chapter 13297,545Yesterday
Chapter 131737,797Yesterday
Chapter 130285,435Yesterday
Chapter 129331,991Yesterday
Chapter 128498,309Yesterday
Chapter 127964,728Yesterday
Chapter 126447,095Yesterday
Chapter 125634,125Yesterday
Chapter 123240,838Yesterday
Chapter 1225,038Yesterday
Chapter 121959,529Yesterday
Chapter 120482,611Yesterday
Chapter 119748,239Yesterday
Chapter 118624,784Yesterday
Chapter 117794,505Yesterday
Chapter 116788,710Yesterday
Chapter 115977,558Yesterday
Chapter 114753,761Yesterday
Chapter 113867,695Yesterday
Chapter 112588,220Yesterday
Chapter 111118,701Yesterday
Chapter 110377,995Yesterday
Chapter 109465,453Yesterday
Chapter 108498,353Yesterday
Chapter 107175,630Yesterday
Chapter 106771,448Yesterday
Chapter 105426,632Yesterday
Chapter 104682,950Yesterday
Chapter 103406,208Yesterday
Chapter 10254,327Yesterday
Chapter 101197,899Yesterday
Chapter 100800,730Yesterday
Chapter 99417,812Yesterday
Chapter 98578,689Yesterday
Chapter 97366,184Yesterday
Chapter 96497,805Yesterday
Chapter 95777,901Yesterday
Chapter 94521,381Yesterday
Chapter 93799,410Yesterday
Chapter 92413,100Yesterday
Chapter 89: Friend143,196Yesterday
Chapter 88: Aftermath...403,312Yesterday
Chapter 87: Decision5,799Yesterday
Chapter 86: A Deal884,782Yesterday
Chapter 85: Unrelatable971,840Yesterday
Chapter 84: I'm Sorry951,154Yesterday
Chapter 83: Don't Worry768,119Yesterday
Chapter 81: The Garden514,309Yesterday
Chapter 80: A Plan274,782Yesterday
Chapter 79: Let Go!737,529Yesterday
Chapter 78: Disgusting362,421Yesterday
Chapter 77: An Upgrade290,200Yesterday
Chapter 76386,455Yesterday
Chapter 75: Rumors524,490Yesterday
Chapter 73: Don't Touch462,778Yesterday
Chapter 72: Monument485,810Yesterday
Chapter 71: Old Picture573,955Yesterday
Chapter 70: Lunch Break489,429Yesterday
Chapter 67: Deja Vu745,389Yesterday
Chapter 66: Dr Adler755,089Yesterday
Chapter 65: Dr. Adler87,975Yesterday
Chapter 64: Construction498,976Yesterday
Chapter 63: Tower869,100Yesterday
Chapter 61: Sanitizer878,665Yesterday
Chapter 60: Hunger277,260Yesterday
Chapter 57: The Doctor974,548Yesterday
Chapter 56: Investments670,796Yesterday
Chapter 42: The Corners170,059Yesterday
Chapter 37: Mutated City480,565Yesterday
Chapter 36: No Sleep261,401Yesterday
Chapter 32: Nostalgia446,419Yesterday
Chapter 26: Pills302,510Yesterday
Chapter 25: Smile234,435Yesterday
Chapter 20: Grandpa824,677Yesterday
Chapter 19: Midnight Tv867,348Yesterday
Chapter 18: Exp Bar642,477Yesterday
Chapter 17: Knock Knock170,426Yesterday
Chapter 15: Meow457,692Yesterday
Chapter 14: Ugly Monster799,558Yesterday
Chapter 12: The New Guy219,580Yesterday
Chapter 10: Pov375,466Yesterday
Chapter 9: Money Trees739,918Yesterday
Chapter 8: City Bank436,933Yesterday
Chapter 7: Word Worms677,940Yesterday
Chapter 6: Smile943,871Yesterday
Chapter 5: The Beach429,452Yesterday
Chapter 4: Depression191,341Yesterday
Chapter 3: Downstairs767,282Yesterday

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