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Can We Become A Family? CHAPTER LIST

Can We Become A Family? summary:

"Navia Agnes", adopted to marry the Crown Prince on behalf of Duke Agnes's daughter with a time limit."I really want to be family."Navia, who held on to her family's affection, did her best to become an Empress even while being abused. However, once Vivian, the Duke's real daughter, is cured, she is abandoned by her family.No, it would be right to say that she was abandoned on all occasions."Just how much more effort do I have to make? If I want to be your family."Navia took off her blood-soaked gloves.Then on her right wrist, a number that couldn't be seen by others appeared.1She calmly admitted, looking down on the number."I'm going to stop playing with my family now."At that moment, the number on her wrist changed.0Just like that, her life began again."If you messed with me, you're gonna pay for it."Will she be able to find a temporary family who will protect her until she becomes of age, and get revenge on Duke Agnes?
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Chapter 98620,018Yesterday
Chapter 97700,587Yesterday
Chapter 96656,305Yesterday
Chapter 9543,595Yesterday
Chapter 94169,509Yesterday
Chapter 93744,670Yesterday
Chapter 92155,188Yesterday
Chapter 91885,649Yesterday
Chapter 90422,558Yesterday
Chapter 89312,438Yesterday
Chapter 88651,658Yesterday
Chapter 87688,378Yesterday
Chapter 86363,318Yesterday
Chapter 85652,813Yesterday
Chapter 84575,914Yesterday
Chapter 83760,351Yesterday
Chapter 82.5233,501Yesterday
Chapter 82467,310Yesterday
Chapter 8169,300Yesterday
Chapter 80566,883Yesterday
Chapter 79811,162Yesterday
Chapter 78574,933Yesterday
Chapter 77519,619Yesterday
Chapter 76554,794Yesterday
Chapter 75174,045Yesterday
Chapter 74298,918Yesterday
Chapter 73751,320Yesterday
Chapter 72940,540Yesterday
Chapter 71644,647Yesterday
Chapter 70195,202Yesterday
Chapter 69578,508Yesterday
Chapter 68598,678Yesterday
Chapter 67691,378Yesterday
Chapter 6696,976Yesterday
Chapter 65964,265Yesterday
Chapter 64689,625Yesterday
Chapter 63995,605Yesterday
Chapter 62692,113Yesterday
Chapter 61891,184Yesterday
Chapter 60520,576Yesterday
Chapter 5923,194Yesterday
Chapter 58289,236Yesterday
Chapter 57538,109Yesterday
Chapter 56629,445Yesterday
Chapter 55249,177Yesterday
Chapter 54488,131Yesterday
Chapter 53298,111Yesterday
Chapter 5213,292Yesterday
Chapter 51830,501Yesterday
Chapter 50959,721Yesterday
Chapter 49481,565Yesterday
Chapter 48245,210Yesterday
Chapter 4727,932Yesterday
Chapter 46155,547Yesterday
Chapter 45: Season 1 End912,808Yesterday
Chapter 44886,348Yesterday
Chapter 43178,601Yesterday
Chapter 42989,979Yesterday
Chapter 41825,497Yesterday
Chapter 408,430Yesterday
Chapter 39484,880Yesterday
Chapter 3895,375Yesterday
Chapter 37867,832Yesterday
Chapter 36656,518Yesterday
Chapter 35681,173Yesterday
Chapter 34924,236Yesterday
Chapter 3396,102Yesterday
Chapter 32389,148Yesterday
Chapter 3160,419Yesterday
Chapter 30691,777Yesterday
Chapter 29461,003Yesterday
Chapter 28899,995Yesterday
Chapter 27999,436Yesterday
Chapter 26150,746Yesterday
Chapter 25699,470Yesterday
Chapter 24248,230Yesterday
Chapter 23.5484,354Yesterday
Chapter 23839,530Yesterday
Chapter 22709,350Yesterday
Chapter 21819,210Yesterday
Chapter 20170,172Yesterday
Chapter 19528,718Yesterday
Chapter 18299,704Yesterday
Chapter 17100,393Yesterday
Chapter 16161,105Yesterday
Chapter 15458,730Yesterday
Chapter 14601,256Yesterday
Chapter 13819,152Yesterday
Chapter 1297,968Yesterday
Chapter 11779,441Yesterday
Chapter 10575,821Yesterday
Chapter 9371,541Yesterday
Chapter 8135,623Yesterday
Chapter 7552,209Yesterday
Chapter 6942,458Yesterday
Chapter 524,346Yesterday
Chapter 4.5808,876Yesterday
Chapter 4.1523,921Yesterday
Chapter 4453,592Yesterday
Chapter 3451,267Yesterday
Chapter 2665,371Yesterday
Chapter 1648,877Yesterday

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