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A Beautiful Affection CHAPTER LIST
  • A Beautiful Affection

    Alternative : 가애 ; Ga Ae

  • Author(s) : Okje
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-12-2024 20:07:55 PM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : School life, Erotica
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A Beautiful Affection summary:

Ji-woon falls in love with Se-jin from the same university and confesses once a day. Se-jin has refused to confess, saying Ji-woon will not like his tendency.However, the two love become lovers at Ji-woon's words, which promise not to leave the side no matter what happens. Ji-woon is happy to be close to Se-jin, but at the same time, Se-jin begins to reveal her secret and sadistic tendencies as time goes by. In-hyuk, who had a crush on Ji-woon from the position of a friend, recalls Se-jin's past and tries to piggyback Ji-woon. Inhyuk goes around Jiwoon and fights a war of nerves with Sejin Friendship, love, desire.Romance on a crossroads with mixed arrows of emotions!
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Chapter 15618,3734 days ago
Chapter 14883,7714 days ago
Chapter 13150,4284 days ago
Chapter 12507,2394 days ago
Chapter 11313,1754 days ago
Chapter 10327,8274 days ago
Chapter 9744,2604 days ago
Chapter 8298,8324 days ago
Chapter 7484,3224 days ago
Chapter 6712,7944 days ago
Chapter 5772,9674 days ago
Chapter 4828,5094 days ago
Chapter 3813,1774 days ago
Chapter 2234,5504 days ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1696,6994 days ago

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